Sometimes spending all day doing one thing can get boring, so here was our Friday:

1:15 p.m., leave Metro DC DJs HQ with sound system in the car.

2:00 p.m., arrive at Verizon Center and begin setting up sound system in the Clubhouse for a season ticket holder party to be hosted by DJ Matt.

2:30 p.m., bring sound equipment to penalty box at Verizon Center to set-up for a youth hockey game

2:50 p.m., the teams, Prince William Panthers and Piedmont Predators take the ice.

4:00 p.m., the game ends, pack up and drop off one final item to the Clubhouse

4:30 p.m., leave Verizon Center, prepare for massive traffic jam.

5:45 p.m., arrive in the City of Fairfax and prepare to open #TGIFairfax Rock the Block

6:30 p.m., introduce Leggz, the band who is appearing tonight

6:40 p.m., back in the car, head to W. T. Woodson High School

6:45 p.m., arrive at W. T. Woodson to set-up equipment to announce and DJ the football game

7:15 p.m., emcee a special presentation, energize the crowd and bring the team to the field

7:30 p.m., football game between W. T. Woodson and T. C. Williams

10:00 p.m., football game ends

11:00 p.m., arrive back home

This was a fun day and we were able to interact with a lot of people.

Wedding DJ, Sports DJ, P. A. Announcing, Mitzvah DJ, Emcee, Host, Corporate DJ. I get to help people have a great time!