A lot of wedding DJs book weddings primarily from the end of May through July or even August.  Well, there must be something about the brides that choose us, because the majority of our weddings happen during the “offseason”, which makes us even busier.

Just this week, we’ve had brides call us about April and May weddings for 2015.  There are several others asking for November or December.  What does that mean?  Well, typically June, July and August should be filled up already, but they’re not.  Sort of.  June, we see a lot of graduation parties, sports festivals, community celebrations and pool parties.

What does this mean for brides who contact us?  That means you’re getting well rounded DJs who don’t fall into the wedding rut, or who are working two, three, or even five weddings in a weekend.  A couple of years ago, we met a DJ who routinely books two weddings on Saturday and two on Sunday with one on Thursday or Friday.  This doesn’t keep us fresh for your wedding.  Rarely do our DJs take more than one wedding in a weekend, and that’s only with the approval of the first couple to book us.  Yes, we ask permission from our brides and grooms if it’s ok to DJ other events on their wedding weekend.  Most are happy to have us working, but we always make that offer.

Going back to the first paragraph where it says, “makes us even busier”, that’s because during those months we’re handling other sports, back-to-school, corporate events, and planning for holiday parties.  Yes, it would be great to DJ 100 weddings in a year, but honestly, they’d all run into one blur after a while and we like to make each one unique.

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