One of the more frequently asked questions we’ve been getting is, “Is it ok if the wedding DJ doesn’t meet the bride [or groom] before the wedding?”  The answer is yes, though not preferred.  With busy schedules and planning a wedding it’s possible that either the bride or groom is unable to meet with the DJ before the wedding.  If possible, we like to meet with the bride and groom but if either isn’t available, that is perfectly ok.

With the use of the Online Event Planner, it’s made it easier for brides and grooms to work on the details together and have the DJ see those details.  Over the course of the last year, we’ve had two weddings where we hadn’t met the bride until just before the ceremony, and one where we didn’t meet the groom until just before introductions.  It happens.

The two instances of not meeting the brides before, we still spoke to them on the phone to answer all of their questions and get a feel for their day.  At least we were able to speak to the brides and the brides felt more comfortable going into their wedding day.

In the case of the groom, he was working in Colorado during the planning process and when he was in town, was already engrossed in other details.  The picture that is associated with this post is from that wedding and the picture was taken before we’d met the groom during cocktail hour.  In this scenario, we met with the bride twice at a location convenient to her, then did a site visit to get an idea of the room, consulted with the wedding planner during the site visit, then helped transform the room into a beautiful wedding celebration.

It’s preferred to meet face-to-face to get comfortable with your DJ ahead of time so you don’t look up and see a strange face on your wedding day.

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