We’ve all seen the choreographed dances, this one takes it to a new level in that it gave guests only about 10 minutes to prepare for ONE take.  Yes, they shot this video in one take.

It is 7 1/2 minutes of some serious dance moves that MiltonMilz (twitter: @MiltonMilz) from AboveBeyondAverage.com shot in one take.

“Robert & Teresa surprised their guests at the end of their wedding reception with a secret mission. The secret mission (hidden within a manila envelope taped underneath the table) was to shoot a music video with all 250 guests! Guests were briefed for a quick 10 minutes and put into position before the cameras started rolling.”

I don’t know what’s more impressive, that all 250 guests were still there, or they were able to get all of them involved in just 10 minutes.  Kudos to the friends and family that attended Robert & Teresa’s wedding reception, it looked like you all had a blast.

We’d like to thank our friends over at The Kane Show on Washington, D. C.’s Hot 99.5.  We say friends because we’ve been listening to Kane since 1998 in Florida.

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