Bianca received a phone call she didn’t want to get just nine days before her wedding, the person she thought would be her wedding DJ had to cancel, and this was the second time it’d happened to her.

Luna Walker Wedding

The top of the cupcake, cake. This was the part that was cut for cake cutting while the guests enjoyed cupcakes while dancing.

After getting the call, she knew she had to find someone to entertain her and her guests at her wedding which was a few short days away.  She jumped on the phone and called her wedding planner Necoya Tyson, the owner of All About You Event Management.  Only two hours after calling Necoya, Bianca had a DJ as DJ Jarrod was going to make sure the wedding and reception would have a great DJ for her and Andrew to celebrate their special day.

It was going to be a quick turn around, however Bianca was already prepared with playlists for her ceremony, dinner and the reception.  This was a huge help as we were able to get the playlists organized and into the computer for the special day almost immediately.  Bianca also had a lot of the scheduling for her wedding day taken care of, including who was going to walk with who and who was to be introduced at the reception.

All that was left, was a final meeting with the bride and groom so they had a familiar face setting up behind the DJ booth, and not an unknown face.  The meeting took place three days before the wedding at house of Bianca’s parents.  It was a wonderful meeting, going over all the details she’d hoped would be taken care of, and you could see the look of nervousness fade away to confidence and excitement during the two-hour meeting.  Bianca’s parents are awesome people and you could see they love their daughter and their now son-in-law.

Luna Walker Wedding

The altar, designed and built by the bride, Bianca, and decorated on site by All About You Event Management.

The wedding ceremony and reception can be very stressful, especially when planning a lot of the details, which is where Necoya came in.  She knew just what Bianca needed and executed perfectly in both the ceremony room and the reception.  Always there to make sure everything was spot-on, Necoya and her assistant Angela made sure all the touches were perfect.  Their communication also made it easy to make sure we were set-up where and when we needed to be.

Bianca & Andrew wanted music for their ceremony and someone to play music at their reception.  What they received was music played via wireless connection into the ceremony so there wasn’t a DJ standing in the background of any pictures, music via wireless connection for the guests in the hallway outside the reception room for cocktail hour, a great emcee to help keep the night moving along and make sure others didn’t try to grab the microphone, an audio output for the videographer to get the audio from the toasts, and dance lights along with a great sound system and all the music she requested.

The ceremony took place in a room adjacent to the reception, which was finely detailed by Necoya & Angela.  It was a short ceremony with a few selections from Bianca leading up to her walking down the aisle.  It followed with a tradition processional, “Wedding March” to play for the newly married couple.

Luna Walker Wedding

Cocktail hour was held in this hallway which was adjacent to the ceremony and reception rooms.

After the ceremony, guests exited into the hall for cocktail hour and hors d’oeuvres while the reception ballroom had the final touches put on it for the big welcome to the guests.  The ceremony site was used for pictures as photographer Tiffany Walker organized everyone to get the pictures the newly married couple wanted.

Once everyone was ready for introductions, guests met the parents and bridal party, then enjoyed the first dance to a mix of Beyonce’s “Halo” and Anthony Hamilton’s “Change Your World”.  Afterwards, it was time for the toasts which preceded dinner.

The cake was cut at the conclusion of dinner and the dance floor opened where it stayed packed all night to a mix of top 40, rock, salsa, merengue, oldies, hip hop and rap, all weaved together so that one genre didn’t dominate the entire night.

The bouquet and garter went off tremendously.  Bianca’s ladies battled it out on the dance floor, while Andrew had fun with his dance to get the garter.  Smiles stayed on everyone’s face throughout the night and nobody wanted to leave at the end.

We were so happy we were able to jump in for Bianca and Andrew.  This beautiful couple has a lot of great, social fiends and we wish them many, many great years of love!

Luna Walker Wedding

The guests danced the night away, keeping the dance floor full from start to finish.

Services Provided

  • DJ/Emcee
  • Sound system
  • Ceremony sound system
  • Ceremony music
  • Cocktail hour sound system
  • Dance floor lights

Venue:  Colony South Hotel & Conference Center
Photographer:  Tiffany Walker, Adeline & Grace Photography
Officiant:  Reverend Martin Lavery
Bakery:  Tiffany’s Bakery
Florist:  Clinton Floral
Wedding Planner:  Necoya Tyson, All About YOU Event Management

Photo Gallery:  Metro DC DJs & Entertainment

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