We love seeing people have fun when it comes to coordinating the entrances.  We’ve seen all kinds of great entrances, and this one is one of the better interactions between members of the bridal party.  They took their similar interest in hockey to put a rivalry front-and-center.

Thank you to the fine folks at the BarDown Blog on Canadian sports leader, TSN.  We don’t condone violence, and you can tell by watching the video that these two are having fun.  The Red Wings and Blackhawks have a long rivalry going back many decades which adds to the whole effect.

The introduction of the two however, could have been better, and more closely tied to the hockey theme of it, but the guests seemed to have a great time with it.  So if you’re planning a sports wedding, consider something like this if you’re a hockey fan.  You can also tie in rivalries when it comes to pairing others together.  Like the couple we DJed for that were introduced where one wore a Cowboys jersey, and the other a Redskins jersey.

Featured image from TSN BarDown Blog.

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