One of the things that we do on social media, is brag about our clients. We’ll tweet about their events (even retweeting their posts) or mention them in status updates, share their pictures, and more. But what is frustrating is the number of business owners we’ve seen in many industries that outright trash their clients, their partners, their venues, and their competitors on their personal pages.

We’re not going to post any of these because this isn’t right and should never be normal business practice. Have we had problems at events? Yes, but we would never call out the site, caterer, photographer, or Mother Nature for causing a problem. Why? Because problems happen, they occur and the sure sign of a professional is one who reacts with the proper decorum in those situations; both during the event and in the days after everyone enjoyed themselves.

There have been times the dance floor hasn’t been as jumping as we want it to be, it happens. Would your DJ simply turn to Facebook to tell the whole world about it, or are they using that time to read the crowd and understand them better?

Are the people not dancing because of the music selections? Is it too hot? Is it too cold? Was the buffet that good that everyone went back for seconds and thirds? Are they too busy at the gaming tables? Are they having fun reminiscing with old friends? These are all common questions professional DJs ask of themselves, try to find the answer and answer them accordingly. Sometimes, people hire a live DJ to be a live DJ and dancing isn’t required by the attendees. They want to have great music playing so they can tap their feet while enjoying some food, drinks, and cutting loose for a night but not leave their comfort zone.

With Metro DC DJs, you get contact information of your DJ and we encourage you to at least follow him/her on Facebook. We have found that we have many interests in common with those who’ve invited us to entertain them and form friendships that last beyond the event itself.

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