2015 Southern Maryland Bridal Extravaganza:

What is your deposit?

To book your date, you must make at least 25% payment as a retainer to book your wedding.  Payment in full is due two weeks before your wedding date, though you can pay it sooner if you like.

How far do you travel? 

We’ll travel as far as needed, however there is an extra charge if there are additional requirements such as an overnight stay, a flight, or tolls.  Our basic “free” area that we’ll travel without adding a travel fee is Baltimore to the north, Annapolis to the east, all of Southern Maryland, Richmond and Front Royal in Virginia.  We’ll also travel to Frederick/Hagerstown area.  We serve a wide area.

Do you do same-sex marriages?

Yes, yes we do.

Will you dress up in costume for the reception?

Yes, if you have a specific outfit or costume you want your DJ to wear, we’ll do it, within reason.  Nudity and other revealing clothing just doesn’t look good on us :-).

What is a gobo?

Gobo is an industry-term for lighting monogram.  We do them, and with real aluminum gobos, not transparencies or video projectors like some other companies do.  This difference allows us to give you something of substance to keep for YOU!  We have one former bride who is planning a 10th anniversary celebration and wants to use the same gobo she had on her wedding day, we’ll be happy to bring the projector for her.  The aluminum or glass (for some applications) are great for adding to shadow boxes, as a keepsake, put into a collage of wedding items and more.

Am I asking too many questions?

No, you’re not.  Ask all the questions you want, we’re happy to answer them.  You know what you want on your wedding day so if you want to know if we can do something, ask.

What kind of music do you play?

Just about everything.  We work with you on your playlist, which allows you to choose songs you want, and/or leave it up to your DJ to decide where to fill in the blanks.  There isn’t a correct number of songs to request, just make sure your important dances are taken care of.

How long have you been a DJ?

I (DJ Jarrod), have been a DJ for 24 years covering a wide range of events.  I’ve focused the company on weddings over the last eight years and it’s allowed us to be selected as Best Wedding DJ in Northern Virginia Magazine for three straight years.

Wedding DJ, Sports DJ, P. A. Announcing, Mitzvah DJ, Emcee, Host, Corporate DJ. I get to help people have a great time!