Recently, my best friend from high school got married and he’d asked me to be his best man.  Normally on the entertainment/hired vendor side of things, it gave a different perspective to planning and executing the wedding and reception, while also highlighting a lot of similarities.  It was an eye-opening experience and one that I’m proud to have been part of.

George and I met the first day of high school in 1991.  We did a lot together, lost contact, then rekindled our relationship a few years ago thanks to Facebook.  When he proposed to Erika, I was happy for the two of them and then George asked me to be his best man.  It was awesome and I accepted, then started to worry about some of the experiences I’ve seen and heard over the years.  Talking with other DJs, they sometimes find it hard to be on the “other side” at weddings and other events with DJs.  This reception, however, I’d also be providing the music which I was happy to do.

They had some questions and one of the things they heard from me, “I will be happy to give you advice and tell you what I think will work, and what other couples have done.  This is YOUR wedding, do what YOU want because it’s YOUR day.  Don’t worry about upsetting me if you choose something that you want.  [My wife and I] want you to be happy and get what you want.”

This made them feel better and they came to us with some questions.  They’d already had the venue for both the wedding and reception (his church), caterer and photographer (both members of his church).  The florist they were choosing was one who’d worked several weddings at the church and is well known around the area for wedding flowers.  All they really had to choose were the invitations which we looked at, and a few other decor items that the mothers chose with some assistance.

When it came to the wedding day, there was a lot going on, some minor mishaps, a couple of small details that needed to be fixed.  That happens at every wedding.  Without the experience in the wedding industry, it could have made for an even more stressful situation.  Having the knowledge however, made things a lot easier for everyone.

The only time the two roles of entertainer and best man collided was during the introductions.  Instead of introducing myself as “best man”, I introduced myself as “DJ Jarrod”.  Quickly corrected, we welcomed the happy couple to the room to the adoration of their friends and family.  It was truly a great experience and I even got to dance a little bit once the dance floor opened.  I didn’t mind the added role of DJ for this wedding because it’s what I do best and George was there from the first day that this whirlwind started with sports announcing back in 1992.

It is a different experience being on the side of taking care of the groom, but having been part of so many great weddings over the years, it was easy to look ahead at what might be needed and when.

Thank you George and Erika!

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