Metro DC DJs & Entertainment is excited to announce a new addition to our offerings for weddings, corporate events, birthday parties and sports events.

We’re happy to roll out the Live Picture Collage, Well Wishes Screen and Fan Pics options which can be added to your event.  All packages will include a 50-inch screen if an existing screen is not available.

All three of our options allow your guests to communicate with you DURING your event, all with a special hashtag we’ll set-up for you ahead of your event.

“Imagine the bride and groom dancing to their first dance, with messages from their friends and family scrolling on a video screen with well wishes for their future,” said Jarrod Wronski, owner of Metro DC DJs & Entertainment.  “It’s going to add a whole new dimension to the special dances.”

In addition to the Well Wishes Screen, the Video Collage will allow guests to take pictures at the event, post them to Twitter or Instagram and have them appear throughout the event using a special hashtag that’s tailored to you!

If you’re holding a sports event, you can now have your pictures posted on a video board (must be able to accept a video connection) or big screen during the even with a special hashtag.  We can also set-up song polls for you to choose a song that you would like to hear!

“This addition will allow us to add so much more for those who hire us,” Wronski said.  “I’m really excited about what we’re able to do, and how much we can help to make wedding day dreams come true for our couples and enhance other events.”

The way it works is your guests take pictures or send messages on Twitter and Instagram, posting with a hashtag that is set-up for your event.  We’re able to grab those off the internet and will be able to moderate the messages or photos to prevent unacceptable content from being seen.

Packages start at $150 for those who have an existing video screen, or $200 to add a screen.  Acceptable internet access must be available at the venue to allow for guests to tweet or post to Instagram along with a connection to the venue’s video screen if they have one.

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