Networking is a very important part of our business and thanks to our friends at Always Fun Casinos, we received a call from the fine folks at Iridium Communications back in November regarding their holiday party which was going to feature casino gaming tables, dinner and cocktail hour.

2014-12-18 22.33.58The event was held at The Ritz-Carlton in Tysons Corner, Virginia, a facility that we’ve visited many times as a guest, and a couple of times while working as a dealer for Always Fun.  The facility is located inside Tysons Galleria Mall which allows those staying there to shop in a relaxed setting, and with Metro’s Silver Line now open, it’s a great location to hold an event as guests are near mass transit with plenty of parking.

2014-12-18 21.45.59Cocktail hour for the guests was held out in the attached atrium which is always beautifully decorated, and tonight was no different.  Large dice and a lighted dice display flanked a red-carpet entrance into the ballroom, giving guests the feeling of being a high roller before they had a chance to win (or lose) their funny money.

What made tonight different than most, is they went outside the box in terms of music.  Typically, to start a casino night, we play a mix of popular music and money/casino-related music.  Since this was during the holidays, we’d mix casino and holiday music.  However, they wanted upbeat right from the start, and they got it!  Even during dinner, the guests wanted upbeat music to listen to so they could tap their feet while eating.  They mingled with other guests, played some casino games and enjoyed the dance floor.  It was an amusement park in a ballroom for everyone.

2014-12-18 19.07.29Throughout the night, various members of upper management came up to do raffles, make speeches and enhance the evening.  The CEO was even wearing the same shirt as DJ Jarrod!

In the photos, you’ll see two gobos projected onto the dance floor and the wall.  This was a request that came about a week before the party and we were able to provide two projectors for their provided gobos.  A perfect example for a company to have gobos produced for events like this and reuse them.

The top gamblers won prizes and everyone had a great time.  We were able to perform music at a wide range of requests from 80’s and 90’s, to cool jams, “ratchet” and “booty” music, to pop, and pretty much everything in between.  An eclectic group with an eclectic sound track.

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