We just got word that one of the long-time DJ companies in the Metro DC area, Davis Deejays, has closed its doors and, unfortunately, a lot of people are left looking for a DJ.

Metro DC DJs & Entertainment would like to reach out to those affected by this move and invite you to contact us and we’ll consult with you on your existing contract with Davis Deejays and do our best to help you out and match their original contract with you.

Metro DC DJs & Entertainment Contact Information:
Phone:  (703) 398-5343
E-mail:  Jarrod@MetroDCDJs.com or Info@MetroDCDJs.com

Since their specials were always on the more inexpensive side of DJ companies, it may be hard to completely match their pricing or add-on’s, but we can try our best to make sure you have a memorable event.

Please note, Metro DC DJs & Entertainment cannot honor the “Triple Your Money Back Guarantee” that Davis Deejays offered.  We can guarantee a great wedding DJ, birthday DJ, corporate DJ, and a professional DJ will provide you a great time by offering the best in customer service, experience, and knowledge.

Wedding DJ, Sports DJ, P. A. Announcing, Mitzvah DJ, Emcee, Host, Corporate DJ. I get to help people have a great time!