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Let Your Inner Nerd Fly

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There are so many ways wedding couples can show their own personality in their weddings, and it only enhances the overall atmosphere at the wedding.  We’ve talked about sports, but what about dorks? (We use dorks with love, because well, we were in school!) Huffpost Weddings:  21 Adorkable Ways To[…]

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Taking Wedding Videos To A New Level

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We’ve all seen the choreographed dances, this one takes it to a new level in that it gave guests only about 10 minutes to prepare for ONE take.  Yes, they shot this video in one take. It is 7 1/2 minutes of some serious dance moves that MiltonMilz (twitter: @MiltonMilz)[…]

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Luna Walker Wedding

Bianca & Andrew’s Wedding, August 22, 2015

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Bianca received a phone call she didn’t want to get just nine days before her wedding, the person she thought would be her wedding DJ had to cancel, and this was the second time it’d happened to her. After getting the call, she knew she had to find someone to[…]

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Taylor Swift Duets With Alanis Morissette

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When Taylor Swift released 1989, you could hear a new sound for the wholesome singer/songwriter, one we were happy to see her make into her later career and mature into a well-rounded performer.  Swift has dropped the whole “staring off into the audience in disbelief” to getting stuck above the[…]

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Epic Wedding Dance

An EPIC Wedding Dance Routine

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The Daily Mail of the UK does a great job pulling some pretty awesome videos and this one is right up there.  With over half-a-million views already, it’s a popular video that’s going viral.  We can’t find the full eight-minute video anywhere, but talk about some amazing choreography.  Can you[…]

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