• DJ Jarrod At USA Hockey Festival

    DJ Jarrod At USA Hockey Festival

  • Gobos and Uplights at a Wedding

    Gobos and Uplights at a Wedding

  • DJ Jarrod at a Wedding


Working Well With Others

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We are able to provide the level of service we do for weddings and receptions because of some really great wedding planners.  We know that each wedding is different, you need to expect the unexpected and go with the flow. Whether you have a planner, day-of coordinator, or a special[...]

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The Cost of A Wedding

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Looking at all kinds of web sites can really mess with your head when planning your wedding day.  Especially when you look at the cost of the wedding.  We went to CostOfWedding.com and looked at a few of the areas in the Washington DC metropolitan area when it came to[...]

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Cocktail Hour with Sweetheart Chairs

What If You Can’t Meet the DJ?

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One of the more frequently asked questions we’ve been getting is, “Is it ok if the wedding DJ doesn’t meet the bride [or groom] before the wedding?”  The answer is yes, though not preferred.  With busy schedules and planning a wedding it’s possible that either the bride or groom is[...]

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